Take a look at this amazing steampunk-style teardrop trailer – it's out of this world

Have you ever heard the term "steampunk"? Don't worry if you haven't – although the movement is gaining traction, it's still very much an underground culture. That doesn't stop steampunk from being totally awesome, though.
Steampunk combines Victorian style with industrial themes to create a truly spectacular visual appeal. Clothing, appliances and more are now part of steampunk fashion — even teardrop trailers! You'll be dying to get one of your own when you see inside this custom model designed by Dave Moult.
Dave enlisted Constance Bashford, a fellow steampunk fan, to help show off the finished trailer, which he calls the Campenarti. We think she models it quite well (I'm personally very jealous of her outfit). This teardrop trailer (literally) has all the bells and whistles, and its intricate design is a thing of beauty.
The kitchenette is completely decked out with a fancy cooktop and tea set, along with a minibar in the corner. We simply adore the grid-style cabinets and copper cookware.
It even lights up at night! Ready to see the interior?

Rosie's handywork. .. curtains and bedding.

Posted by Dave Moult on Thursday, May 14, 2015
The curtains and bedding were all handmade by Dave's wife, Rosie. She's quite the talented gal.
Here's a picture from during the building process showing the interior space. The wall of books is actually a wallpapered mural.
The gorgeous lighting fixture looks like a copper spider ready to come to life!
How neat is this? This gauge may look like a speedometer, but it's actually an altitude meter. There's also a handy catch-all tray for keys or your phone.
When it's time to set up camp for the night, this trailer has a tent attachment all ready to go. There's also a copper fold-down sink for washing up. Copper is a trademark of steampunk design, and this teardrop trailer has lots of it.
You can see more awesome designs by Dave Moult on Facebook, but if you want to see more teardrop trailers, visit our Teardrop Trailers Facebook page. Like and share this unique trailer with your friends and family!
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