Let your mind be blown by this huge motorhome's five-star bathroom

When you experience a brand new motorhome as large and luxurious as this one, you might never want to go back to tent camping or hotel rooms ever again. This Sportscoach motorhome is available to rent through Airbnb, and the host is not lying when he writes, "This is a great RV! The layout is bigger than most NYC apartments!"
At 41 feet (12.5 meters) there is nothing you could want or need that this Sportscoach doesn't provide. The interior is finished beautifully with warm wood, granite countertops, and leather furniture. There are flat screen TVs all throughout the home, a chef-worthy stainless steel refrigerator, and even a fireplace. This is the type of motorhome that will make you consider the RV lifestyle as a full-time commitment.
When you step foot inside, you will begin to doubt that you are standing in a motorhome at all. Nothing in this place seems smaller or more compact than the objects that can be found in a traditional size house. Just check out that huge l-shaped sofa.
The two most important contributors to living room comfort: the TV and the fireplace. This amazing RV has them both.
I mean, wow, catch a glimpse of this kitchen. If you didn't enjoy cooking before, you sure will after whipping up something in here.
Comfortable couch, dinner table, or bed? You can have all three with this versatile dinette.
Just because your home is on wheels, doesn't mean it shouldn't have top quality finishings. We adore these granite countertops and sleek metal hardware.
Gorgeous stone finishings don't just stop at the countertops. This shower will have you feeling like clean, refreshed, and fabulous.
The master bedroom is a standard size but features above standard closet and storage space.
Even the driver has it made.
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