Step inside the cool blue and gray living room of this polished Airstream

We all love a good vintage Airstream renovation, but we have got to show some love for the newer models too. This Airstream International is sleek, shiny, and ready to take Malibu by storm. In fact, the RV has been appropriately named Mountain Storm by its Airbnb host, Christopher.
This ultra-modern Airstream boasts the latest technology. It is also fully loaded with contemporary style and furnishings. You will love its central Malibu location near some of the area's most desirable beaches. It is absolutey perfect if you are looking for a place to crash on your next surfing trip.
When staying here, you will definitely be living large despite being in a small space. Bring a couple of friends because this living room is perfect for entertaining.
Dinette booths are pretty much in every RV out there, but this cool blue booth spruces up the typical design.
Cook like you would at home in this awesome little kitchen or hit up the local restaurants for some carry-out.
With all the salt and sand that will be on you after relaxing on the beach, you will be eternally grateful for this spacious shower.
There is something about hotel beds that always seem comfier than the ones we have at home. This is true for Airstreams as well.
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