Check out this unassuming park model – it's hiding a truly eye-popping bedroom

Have you ever wanted to spend a vacation in a luxury hotel? Have you dreamed of a large room with a luxurious bed, mints on the pillows and enough space to host several of your friends for a late-night party?
Good news! You don't have to spend a fortune to get that kind of luxury. Seven Oaks Resort's Unit 216 is spacious enough for you and your guests to have one heck of a sleepover. With the awesome kitchen, you won't even miss room service.
See what I mean? The open-plan kitchen is big enough to fit an entire dining table in its center, something not many park models can boast of. All appliances are full size, and there's still a good amount of counter space.
The pull-out sofa makes for a cozy sleeping area, but try getting some shuteye after you see the large flat-screen TV. There's nothing quite like an all-nighter watching Netflix. What? That's not binge-watching – it's fandom.
A lovely large bathroom is an essential when it comes to luxury vacations. It's not that you need that amount of space; you simply want it. What's so wrong with that?
In addition to a luxe queen-size bed, you get a huge amount of closet and floor space, and there's an A/C unit right there in your bedroom. You're all set for relaxation!
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