See inside a peaceful park model with the most amazing family room

Get swept away to your own desert oasis with this California park model. It's got all you need for a nice little vacation away from your worries, and it's as affordable as they come. Its subtle charm is enough to win over just about anyone.
Although the exterior reveals little of the character to be found in the park model, reserve your judgment until you've seen inside. This property has a very special feature that other park model owners could only dream of.
The cozy living room is decked out with beautiful flower art and carpet so soft that your toes will be singing “Hallelujah.” Open the windows up, and you'll see just how much natural light comes in through the modest windows.
This drop-leaf table seats anywhere from two to four. It's a real space-saver!
You get loads of cabinet space with this park model and generous counter space in the kitchen.
If you've ever wanted a separate family room in your park model, you can check that off of your wishlist when you buy this property. This section gives you some quiet time without totally cutting you off from family and friends, and the built-in bookcase and entertainment center are awesome!
Oh, I do love wicker furniture. Nearly every piece of furniture in the bedroom is wicker aside from the built-in dresser, and you get all the leg room you could ask for.
When it's time to entertain, a small semi-enclosed patio area gives you and your guests some privacy.
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