Take a look at a gorgeously colorful teardrop with extra clever additions out back

If I were a fancy sort of individual, I'd definitely want a teardrop trailer like this one. It's sleek. It's modern. It comes with a matching car.
Okay, so the car isn't included in the purchase, but the owner of this Corvette had a custom teardrop trailer made by Juno Custom Teardrops, and it's luxury at its finest. This model is called “Richard.” There are way too many options for this trailer to list here, but we'll go through some of the features.
There are two side doors for entry, and although the exterior paint doesn't come with the basic model, the vintage chrome door handles do.
I just love these baby moon hubcaps (also a standard feature) and the custom paint on the wheel arches. The maroon color is really something special. Just imagine how awesome it would look with something bolder!
The interior has a fold-down TV with an entertainment system (another custom option) that connects to the speakers in the back of the trailer.
The speakers can be found in the galley, which also has a microwave. Sorry, there's no stove! Still, you can always buy a portable cooktop and use the generous counter space the galley provides.
Plentiful slide-out cabinet space will allow you to keep the cooktop and other supplies safe and secure while you're driving.
We'll definitely be revisiting Juno Custom Teardrops. Like our Teardrop Trailers Facebook page to stay up-to-date on the latest teardrop trailers, and share this model on social media with your family and friends.

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