Peek inside this adorable brand-new, retro-style camper: It's the best of both worlds

Are you in love with vintage style but not so much in love with all the little quirks that come with it? Perhaps wood paneling, checkerboard floors and Coca-Cola red are some of your favorite things, but you could do without the outdated appliances and the seemingly endless repairs that it takes to maintain a vintage space.
A lot of people feel this way. That is why plenty of brand-new trailers come equipped with a vintage look. They work well for those who don't have the time or money to renovate or for those simply looking for all of the modern conveniences of a new home. One such trailer is this amazing 2017 Retro trailer by Riverside RV. When you book it on Airbnb, you might reconsider wanting to purchase an actual vintage model.
The interior of this trailer will make you feel like you are in a 1950s diner. Enjoy the comfortable leather booth while eating or getting some work done.
This kitchenette is absolutely perfect because although it might look old school, all of the appliances are new.
This trailer is ideal for a solo traveler or a couple. Because of its small size, there is not a separate bedroom, but you will love this luxury queen bed regardless. Curl up in the warm linens and watch your favorite program on the smart TV.
For such a compact space, the fridge is huge and the storage is ample.
Beside the restroom, you will find a mini sink and plenty of extra cabinet space.​
What's more retro fun than pinup girls? We adore this pinup shower curtain and this super cute bathroom.
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