Take a tour of this vintage baby blue trailer: Its kitchen is an old-school fantasy

Living and decorating with vintage design can be tricky. Originals are often super expensive, while reproductions are nowhere near the same quality. But thanks to Airbnb, anyone on a budget can experience good old-fashioned vintage design. In fact, you can camp out in this cute and retro trailer for under 40 US dollars a night.
This little blue trailer is perfect for those looking to get a taste of the past while also feeling comfortable and at home. Next time you are traveling to West Linn, Oregon, you'll want to check this place out. The trailer sits in a green and spacious backyard with easy access to nearby restaurants, bars, and shopping. Despite feeling like it belongs in the 1960s, the camper is equipped with modern necessities such as WiFi and Netflix.
Just like the bold exterior, the interior is also filled with sea foam greens, bright yellows, and baby blues. The small kitchenette allows you to cook just as you would at home.
The dining area features a classic period style Formica table.
This cozy sitting area is the perfect place to wake up, read the news, and enjoy a cup of coffee.
This camper is definitely an antique, but the compact bathroom is fully functional.
This trailer is perfect for solo adventurers or couples. In the bedroom, you will find two twin sized beds with contrasting red comforters.
Of course, this isn't a complete blast from the past. You can still relax and fall asleep watching your favorite movie or Netflix show.
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