Step inside this real-life dollhouse and get blown away by its all-star kitchen

I've always wanted to live in a dollhouse. They have the prettiest furniture, the most beautiful decorating, and they seem to have endless rooms that never fail to amaze. Unfortunately, most people's budgets can't afford them a real-life Barbie mansion.
That's why this fun and feminine park model is so sweet. It's like a miniature dollhouse for adults that has a modern twist. From the blue exterior shake accents to the spacious loft, every square inch is a cozy little piece of paradise.
The Lily park model from Recreational Resort Cottages and Cabins has all the right features in its kitchen. I've never seen such gorgeous marble counter tops in a park model, and the flooring is amazing as well. The kitchen island is movable, too! I could definitely see myself stocking up for a huge party with that humongous stainless steel fridge.
I really like this idea for a living room coffee table. You can move it very easily, and it doubles as a dinner tray. The walls of the park model are made from white-washed pine (hence the pale color) to brighten up the space immensely.
The bathroom hosts a large sliding glass door shower/tub combo and the same marble countertops as the kitchen. I like the way the display model uses peacock feathers to add a touch of vibrant color.
Oh, I do hope those strawberries and cupcakes come with the park model. Upstairs is a large loft that can be a dedicated reading nook or extra bedroom.
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