Take a peek at a top-of-the-line model with a kitchen that's as sleek as they get

A designer's goal is to think outside of the box. This can be quite challenging when it comes to designing park models. Most models follow a standard layout with the same old amenities, but every now and then... this happens.
Meet the Ideabox. It's a fresh new take on modular park models, and it's leaving rusty, overused designs in the dust. You can get an idea of just how cleansing tiny space living can be from watching the video tour. We'll be looking at the 400-square-foot Northwest model, one of several models available from Ideabox.
You won't believe just how light and airy it feels inside the Northwest. Everything seems to be illuminated by the bright, open space and white walls. This part of the living room has been made into a cozy reading nook with modern furniture.
The dining area has been set just opposite of the reading nook and includes a tasteful glass dining table and beautiful views of the outside. Just so you know, I would kill to have a bookshelf like that in my home. It's fantastic.
A generous chunk of space has been dedicated to the kitchen. The galley style has broad countertops that will delight any cook.
The glossy white cabinets in the bedroom are simply to die for, not to mention the beautiful laminate flooring. It feels so clean in here; if this park model were mine, I would never allow food anywhere near the bedroom!
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