Roughing it in no man's land is easy when you have the TAB S MAX Outback

Rough roads and severe weather can take their toll on your camping experience. Whether you're traveling the well-paved path or going off-road, you want to know your camper can stand up to the test. Look no further than the TAB S MAX Outback.
This 2017 Little Guy teardrop trailer is built like a tank to withstand harsh conditions, as well as weathering back roads while absorbing little to no damage. Little Guy's chief operating officer Chris Baum explains in the walkthrough video that this trailer “was made to be abused.” It's tough, guys.
The Outback package can be added to any TAB MAX model except the clamshell models. Its exterior is made of heavy duty fiberglass, and the interior's floors are made from “uber” tough Marmoleum flooring (it's basically an all-natural, chemical free version of linoleum). The trailer's wheels are heavy nubbed for some serious off-road action.
Space-wise, the interior is pretty awesome. You've got a dining setup that can seat up to four people. It transforms into a large sleeping space for two when you fold the table down.
MAX models come standard with a 19” entertainment center. The speakers are set up on opposite sides of the dining area, which you can see in the above pictures.
Don't ask me why I got all giddy over a screen door. Maybe it's because it's not something you see every day on a teardrop trailer. You can let the fresh air and sounds of the outdoors in without also letting in mosquitoes.
A cute (I mean, uh, manly) sink and stove set lets you cook indoors if the weather is nasty.
Although the video on Little Guy's website states there is only an exterior shower, the TAB S MAX Outback model comes with an indoor shower. Thank goodness! Who wants to freeze if you're camping in the winter or late fall? Not me, that's for sure.
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