Take a peek inside this brand-new 2017 Airstream with the perfect bathroom

Airstreams are classic icons of modern American design. They never seem to go out of style and almost always seem to turn heads when one goes by on the interstate. It is no wonder why they continue to make new and even more impressive models of this incredible RV. This 2017 International Signature Airstream is definitely an Airstream worth checking out.
The best part about this particular Airstream is that you don't need to have $65,000 to experience one for yourself. This beauty is available to rent on Airbnb for a remarkable $64 per night. Located in the Northern Virginia suburbs, just right outside of Washington, D.C., this Airstream sits on a secluded property with a lake view. Take a look for yourself.
Now, this looks like a couch that inspires lots of down time. Not only is it decked out in a stylish brown leather, but it is also comfortable and features plenty of storage underneath.
Although older Airstreams are amazing, the newer models come with a more gourmet kitchen. Although it is compact, is has everything you need to cook just as you would at home.
The dinette is decked out in the same gorgeous leather as the living room sofa. Behind the booth, you will find an HD TV with wifi.
This layout for a bathroom works well. Keeping the shower and the toilet separated is a useful option for a small space, ensuring that no one will be banging on the door halfway through your shower.
Clean, fun, and modern: the perfect adjectives to describe a well-designed bathroom.
Check out this luxurious bed. It invites guests to thrown themselves onto the pillows, turn on the TV and sleep in.
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