Marvel at the gorgeous ceilings and ultra-functional kitchen in this luxurious park model

Cabins are prized for their cozy, rustic feel. Even those who don't enjoy camping can handle a weekend in a cabin in a secluded forest retreat. Cabins offer every amenity someone could want, along with a toasty warm interior (not to mention loads more legroom compared to campers).
Tiny Portable Cedar Cabins has come out with a modern version called the Urban Cabin. The base model can be configured to the client's liking and includes many custom options. Its modular design and spacious interior are a real treat, but just wait until you see what this model's owners have done with it.
This family has packed a lot of love and character into their roughly 400-square-foot Urban Cabin. From the wall-mounted entertainment system to the rich mahogany hardwood floors, the living room is awash with bright accents and tasteful décor.
The kitchen is a busy place. Nonetheless, one can't help but admire the gorgeous countertops made of recycled glass. Cups hang over the stove like miniature chandeliers, and more storage space can be found in the wooden shelving above the fridge.
One of the most beautiful elements of the home is the ceiling. It's made with luxurious blue pine and has matching window trim.
Just off the main living area, what would normally be the laundry room has been requisitioned as a small nursery.
Watch your head! This loft bedroom has everything you need, but taller people may have a few bumps and bruises while getting used to the low ceilings. At least you'll have a nice view of those beautiful blue pine ceilings when you're bonking your head.
Several handy features have been packed into the modestly sized bathroom, including hanging pockets for supplies, an above-the-toilet towel rack, and a large walk-in shower.
Want a closer look at some of this little dream's features? Check out the video tour below:
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