Take a tour of an expertly crafted teardrop with the most stunning surprise on top

I've seen some crazy camping accessories in my time, but this is one I never thought I'd stumble across. Oregon Trail'R offers a model called the TerraDrop, which has an extra special feature that's absolutely nuts (in a good way).
Before we get to that, let me tell you a little about the TerraDrop. This trailer is in the same league as the Tab Outback and Little Guy's Rough Rider. It's got a heavy-duty, highly durable design made for those who like to go off-roading. Prepare for adventure, but just know that the TerraDrop is way ahead of you.
As with Oregon Trail'R's other custom jobs, the TerraDrop comes with a range of options for discerning clientele. Here you can see a couple of slide-out trays that can be used as anything from food trays at meal time to a makeshift workstation for your laptop.
The trailer's interior can be equipped with this awesome LED refractor strip. You won't have any trouble feeling your way around in the dark; just switch on the lights, and you can see the whole interior.
The custom cabinets and cooktop make for a pretty sweet kitchenette. You can also get a locked ice box for perishables that will keep out hungry bears and other curious wildlife (and your food-stealing friends – that's your sandwich, and no one else is going to eat it!).
What did I tell you? Is this not awesome? The TerraDrop comes equipped with a rooftop setup for a tent. This tent happens to be from CVT, aka Cascadia Vehicle Tents. It quite literally doubles the sleeping space you get with the camper. You also get the use of a large awning for unbearably hot or rainy days.
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