Take a look inside this top-notch teardrop – its numerous customization options are thrilling

I recently discovered Oregon Trail'R, a company based in southern Oregon that specializes in custom teardrop trailers. Upon reviewing the custom options, I have determined that this is officially the most customizable trailer on the market!
This reasoning is due to the huge a la carte menu Oregon Trail'R provides. You can get upgrades for your upgrades – it's that extensive. The FronTear model is great for picky people who have a large checklist for their camping experience. Why settle when you can build your teardrop trailer just the way you want it?
A word of forewarning: Not everything pictured comes standard with the FronTear model. Take these two fold-out sideboards, for example. These can be added on to the base model to be used for meal prep or a handy set of side tables.
The kitchenette stays nice and tucked in when not in use. All you have to do is open it up to use it, and many custom options are available for the exact setup (such as the bamboo cutting board pictured over the sink).
Pictured here is a different version of the kitchenette with a fold-down cooktop included.
The sleeping area comes standard, but you choose custom bedding and a mattress. Or you can provide your own mattress and bedding rather than select them from the a la carte menu.
Trunk storage is accessed via the sliding cupboard doors inside the trailer.
You can also opt for a nice bit of shelving built into the interior to provide extra storage.
If you want an entertainment system in the trailer, this setup will serve you well. The mirrored cabinets are a nice touch. Other interior options include an LED refractor strip (runner light), USB plug-ins, a Panic Siren and folding cup holders.
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