Relax in the tropics in a colorful 1970s trailer – its interior is rainbow-themed heaven

"Escape the city, suburbia, and crowds and take a step back in time in our petite 70s retro caravans, dotted in private locations on our 120-acre property," writes Airbnb hosts Samantha and Eric. If you are a fan of retro RVs, tiki culture, and Tropicana home decor, then this RV will seem like the ultimate vacation paradise.
Located in Budgeree, Australia this vintage caravan sits on "acres of Australian bush, temperate rainforest, farmland and a tropical oasis in the gully." The caravan itself has been decorated with keepsakes from the owner's world travels and is equipped with everything you need to enjoy a peaceful escape into another world.
As soon as you step foot in this caravan, you will feel like you are in your own private, tropical oasis. With faux stone floors, straw ceilings, and palm tree textiles this room feels more like a tiki bar on the beach than a trailer in Australia.
Every inch of this interior is painted a bright, vibrant color. We love the sunny color palette of this kitchen.
Load up this large dining table with all of your favorite foods and gather around with your friends. Pina Coladas anyone?
In this trailer, every small detail counts towards the larger beachy theme.
Everywhere you look, there is something adorable waiting to be found.
This lush, green bedroom is incredible and will make you feel like you are sleeping in the rainforest.
If you weren't having enough fun in the tropical interior, come outside and relax on the shaded patio where you will be surrounded by the gorgeous Australian landscape.
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