This solar-powered teardrop trailer has a sleek modern design that's sure to impress

If you love teardrop trailers, you're probably familiar with the Little Guy brand. We've featured tons of different models from Little Guy on this site, but this one has to be one of my favorites so far. It's not just the compact size – it's also the uber modern design that sets it apart from its more contemporary siblings.
The MyPod MAX has a sleek bullet-shaped design for added aerodynamics. It's made from fiberglass and an aluminum frame, but it's also incredibly lightweight at only 640 pounds. Vehicles in models as small as a coupé (or a bulkier motorcycle) can tow it easily. The trailer also features a protective gravel guard for less hospitable roads.
This shot shows the optional rhino lining you can get for the MyPod MAX. There are also several color options to choose from to personalize your teardrop trailer.
Each MyPod is equipped for solar power generation, and a port for charging can be found on the exterior near the front of the trailer.
The length of the trailer is around 11 ½ feet, and anyone up to 6' 4” can stretch out completely in the spacious interior.
Standard features included in the MyPod MAX are its entertainment center, air conditioning unit, window shades, three-speed fan, and a full-sized mattress. For more information on what this Little Guy model has to offer, watch the video below.
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