You'll never guess where they're selling this exclusive teardrop trailer

If you plan on buying the Pino Caravan Pi2010, you'd better pack light. This highly compact teardrop trailer is the only essential you'll need to experience Europe like never before.
The trailer itself is actually sold in Istanbul, Turkey, but it's become quite popular in European circles. Europe's narrow roads deserve a trailer that can navigate them with ease, and the Pino Caravan does just that. The Pino Caravan Pi2010 weighs in at only 900 lbs. and has a total length of 7 feet.
This stylish trailer comes with a multitude of color options, but my favorite by far is the map design. Wouldn't it be cool to start marking off where you've traveled to on the map? You could show off all of the places you've been – neat!
Dining in style is no problem when you've got a layout like this. You can seat up to four in the dining area.
When it's time to get a good night's sleep, you can snooze away on the luxuriously plump cushions the trailer provides.
The kitchen has a nice little counter space beside the generous sink and European-style cooktop.
You can store camping gear in the cupboards overhead, as well as the built-in drawer next to the dining area. Despite not being available in the U.S., there are several European dealers that are starting to sell the Pino Caravan. Who knows? It could be in the U.S. before you know it!
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