Lead on – make truly awesome memories with this road-mapped custom trailer

In our travels, we tend to collect a great deal of memories over time. From fun to exhilarating, these memories stick with us as we make new ones, but it always helps to have a visual marker such as a photo album or scrapbook.
Our newest feature is one where you can take that visual marker with you on every trip. This custom teardrop trailer has walls that are covered in maps. You can mark off every spot you've been to, where you want to go, and even use it when you get lost!
The exterior is made from mahogany and golden oak, along with several coats of waterproofing. On the front hangs a diamond-plated storage container that houses a deep cell battery and its charger for appliance use.
You'll have plenty of room for a cooktop with the generously-sized kitchenette. There's space for a cooler underneath the counter, and the cabinets are fairly large for a teardrop trailer. You can see that the inside walls in the back have been given the paper map treatment.
Need a handy spotlight to see in the dark? This trailer has a bright one on each side.
Each window on the trailer features a screen to let the fresh air in while keeping pesky mosquitoes (and other creepy crawlies) out.
I just love the grating on the entertainment center cabinets. As promised, the interior (cabinetry aside) is entirely covered in road maps. It's charming and memorable, as well as useful if you happen to be driving through the fine state of Texas.
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