Check out this couple's beautifully renovated home-on-wheels: you won't believe your eyes

After getting married, Mandy and Kevin Holesh (@188sqft) began planning their next steps as a couple. While most couples they knew were buying houses or having kids, they wanted to do something a little less traditional. The thought of having a mortgage didn't seem too great and neither did staying in one place.
Because of their mutual love for travel and their commitment to following their dreams, the couple decided to purchase a trailer and hit the road...after the renovations, of course. After selling 80 percent of their belongings, finding someone to take over their lease, and purchased both a camper and a truck, they had everything they could ever ask for with the open road being one of them.
As you can tell, the original design was a little less than exciting. Mandy made sure to trade all the browns and greens for some bolder patterns and bright colors.
The outdated furniture was replaced with some more contemporary designs. The carpeted floor was exchanged for hardwood and some bold accent rugs.
Goodbye boring, brown kitchen and vintage wallpaper and hello clean white, vibrant yellow, and modern backsplash.
This entertainment shelving system was completely transformed into the husband's computer workstation.
We love how the bedroom contrasts the brightly colored living room with a cool and chic black and white color scheme.