This upgraded park model strikes all the right chords with modern design

The only problem with writing about park models is that I'm constantly finding new favorites. With a steady stream of upgrades and new designs, it's hard to keep up! I guarantee you that if I had to pick a single park model to vacation in, I wouldn't be able to do it.
This 2017 Woodland Park unit is yet another park model I'll be adding to my list of favorites. There are so many things about it that I love, and I can't wait to give you a sneak peek of what's inside. There's no time to lose! Let's take a look.
A gorgeous living room setup is a must when it comes to luxury park models. It's the centerpiece of your vacation home, so it deserves a little more TLC when it comes to the designing process. I'm loving the entertainment center – I think that's real granite!
Bigger is better when you're building the perfect kitchen. The open layout and scores of sun rays peeking in through the large windows paint a pretty picture, wouldn't you agree?
I've realized that I love corner appliances and features. Corner showers, corner sinks... you name it. This corner sink and cabinet set are no exception.
Wouldn't you know it? There's a corner shower. It's pretty big, too. The bathroom has the same granite counter tops as the kitchen and entertainment center for a feeling of luxury throughout the park model.
Get the rest you deserve with this shaded bedroom. Those curtains look like they can block out every ray of sunshine in the early morning so you can sleep in.
One of buyers' favorite features is the loft. There's something about the height that makes you feel cozy and safe as you read a good book or nap on a daybed. Speaking of cozy and safe, the loft has a hidden storage compartment for valuables.
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