Tour the 2017 Taxa TigerMoth

No one likes that cramped feeling you get when you're squished into a tiny teardrop trailer. You want room to stretch your legs, and why shouldn't you be able to have that?
The 2017 Taxa TigerMoth may not have a roomy layout, but it has an added feature that will have you breathing easier all the same.
This teardrop trailer looks like a military grade camper with its tough exterior and charcoal color. It comes equipped with a sturdy roof rack and solar panels for powering your appliances. A dark charcoal storage container that comes with the trailer can house a deep cell battery if needed.
Here's where it gets interesting. The back opens up to reveal slide-out storage hidden beneath the camper's bench, while the side folds up to create an awning.
The under-bed storage has dividers to keep your supplies separate while stowing them away safely.
You'll be getting all the fresh air you need while stretching your sore muscles out on the convertible sleeping space. The trailer can sleep up to two people comfortably and has an additional storage space under the corner cushion.
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