See how one woman transforms her Spirit Motorhome with just a few fabulous fabrics

Fashion design moves at an incredibly fast rate. Trends seem to appear overnight and patterns, colors, and styles are constantly rising and falling in popularity. While some textile patterns are considered classics and will never go out of style, many will lose their sparkle over the years, especially in the world of campers.
Blogger, Susie Tronti, undeniably felt this way upon browsing her favorite fabric store one afternoon. After noticing that the curtains in her 1999 Spirit motorhome were crackling and fading in the sun, she decided it was time for a camper facelift including some new, bold choices in fabrics.
Prior to the remodel, the motorhome was filled with the typical 1999 color palette consisting of beige, brown, rose, and green. Susie couldn't help but to get excited over these graphic black and white options.
After a little bit of shopping, her camper was soon to be covered in her new favorite patterns including a small houndstooth, a midcentury abstraction, and a beautiful floral.
After hiring an expert upholsterer, the upper bunk was looking as good as new in floral.
This 1990s dinette looks a lot more inviting with this bold abstract pattern. After that, Susie removed her crispy, faded curtains and got to work on her modern shades.
It didn't take much to get this fabulous kitchen looking even better than before, just one curtain and it was good to go.
"I chose to make the valance and the Roman shade the same pattern to mimic a padded headboard. When the Roman shade is up, you get a beautiful view of your surroundings," Susie informs her readers. The views from this motorhome are beautiful inside and out
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