See what's in store within this artfully renovated 1994 Palomino pop-up camper

Campers and motorhomes are amazing when you want to travel and see the world. Unfortunately, quality motorhomes often cost an arm and a leg and that is even before you take into account renovation costs and travel expenses. There is an alternative, however, that isn't an old fashioned tent and sleeping bag. That alternative is the pop-up camper.
Artist and blog owner, Rose Kren, decided that the pop-up was the route that she and her husband would take. She writes on her blog, Reflections of Rose, "We work so hard and so nonstop, that we need a getaway. A pop-up camper was the perfect, affordable, solution!" After weeks of scouring the camper ads on Craigslist, the couple finally found the perfect pop-up. The best part is it didn't break their bank.
Looking at the interior, it's almost hard to believe that this is a pop-up. With just a little bit of love and care, this glorified tent began to look like a vacation home in no time.
While the camper was built in the 1990s, there weren't any major issues that needed to be fixed before Rose could start sprucing the place up. Some paint, new vinyl floors, and plenty of lovely textiles would have the place looking brand new in no time.
Of course, it had no problem passing the puppy's test. With two soft beds and an ridiculously comfortable dinette, we think it would pass the people's test too.
The kitchenette was spray painted white for a more modern look. Despite the compact size of this camper, the kitchen has everything one would need for an amazing campsite dinner.
We bet you don't believe that this is what the camper looked like before. Great job, Rose!
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