Take a peek at this Wildcat trailer renovation: the practical use of storage space is spot on

When searching for the perfect travel trailer the ultimate goal is to purchase one of high quality that is built to last. While there are many incredible options out there, sometimes it is economically unfeasible to buy new compared to used and inevitably some models will be have better quality construction.
When Greg Thames decided to renovate his Wildcat travel trailer he realized some of the complex issues that can arise as a trailer owner. He writes on his blog, The Bellingham Thames, "One of the biggest things I learned from taking everything out of our unit was how poorly the overall construction of travel trailers are." Not only was he facing a major crack in the fiberglass shell but his family was growing and they needed some more space. Rather than selling his Wildcat and purchasing a new trailer, the family committed to the renovations and by the looks of it, it was totally worth it!
The results of this renovation are incredible. Not only does the family have the extra space they needed but they upgraded in style as well. Storage is the focal point in this living room. With kids, it is a necessity to stay organized. A table and extra chairs stay hidden under the couch until the family needs them.
Previously, the kitchen had a neutral color palette of browns and beiges. The family gave it a more fun and modern look by adding a coat of blue, tile back-splash, and a stainless steel fridge door.
This living area undergone the most significant changes. Prior to renovation, the bathroom sink was in this area. The family decided to rip that out and replace it with a floor to ceiling closet, a complete necessity for keeping things tidy. We also love how the family added a full size bunk above the parents bed, how smart is that?
To make things a little easier, an accordion door was added to the spacious bathroom.
What an improvement!
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