Keep the kids happy with this family-friendly teardrop trailer

Going camping with the kids just isn't what it used to be. Instead of spending good quality time with your children, you're left dragging them on hikes while they shove their faces into their cell phones. You might get an “uh huh” or some grumbling sounds from them, but that's it.
Now, the 2017 Winnie Drop 170K won't fix the disconnect between you and your moody teens, but it has something special just for them. They'll never complain about uncomfortable tents and spooky nighttime sounds again. Take a peek inside to see how the Winnie Drop accomplishes this.
This family-size teardrop trailer has an astonishing amount of space inside. The main sleeping area folds down from the dining table for a queen-size sleeping space. An overhead shelf lets you keep items out of the way, and two windows provide fresh air flowing through the camper.
This model's flooring is a gorgeous mix of shades, but nothing beats that kitchen.
A full-sized microwave and voluminous mini-fridge go a long way during long camping trips.
Watching a movie with your children is easy vecause the entertainment center is set up right across from the dining area.
And the kids have their own set of bunks. This camper sleeps up to four people, two of whom get to have individual mattresses. Now your kids won't have to fight over which side of the bed they sleep on. Several netted cubbies allow for storage of clothing and other camping gear.
An indoor shower is another perk. It can get a bit spooky using the campground bathrooms, and frankly, you shouldn't have to. Having your own wet bath and toilet gives you the privacy you need, even with three other people in your camper.
A second kitchen? You've got it! The Winnie Drop 170K has a pull-out stove and sink under the back hatch, as well as an optional outdoor shower hook-up on the trailer's side.
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