You can't miss the striking interior decor in this park model

I'd like to think that park model RVs and homes alike develop a sense of personality over time. Most often, it's the homeowner's personal tastes and sense of style that come out of the woodwork. The décor slowly evolves into something unique and truly magical.
This 2006 Cavco park model has a level of character that's off the charts. With its rustic exterior, dotted with elements of modern Victorian and mid-century design, it's a menagerie of delightful twists and turns with every room you visit.
After you're done oohing and ahhing over the vaulted ceilings, take a seat on the comfy leather couch. I love how the contrasting patterns of the leopard print and deep purple pillows complement the couch's tones perfectly.
There's a cozy seating area for two near the bay windows. I can't tell if those chairs are blue velvet or suede -- all I know is that they create a regal effect when paired with those leopard print pillows!
That bar stool is simply to die for! The stone tile of the kitchen counters and the raw cedar of the cabinets and floors are well-paired with its distinctly Victorian-inspired design.
Rather than having the master bedroom downstairs, the owners of this park model have instead made it into a lounge.
The master bedroom resides upstairs in the loft, which features a healthy amount of natural light from the shorter windows, as well as a sturdy iron railing to separate the space.
The furniture and artwork are incredible!
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