Wait until you see the opulent, multicolored interior of this unassuming Airstream

The uses for Airstreams are limitless. Whether you are using your shiny camper for a vacation home, permanent home or something entirely different, they are excellent containers for any number of activities. The designers of this particular Airstream definitely exercised their creative minds to come up with an interior that blows others out of the water.
This vintage Airstream made its way to American Retro Caravans' (ARC) shop in 2015, where it would then be completely gutted and prepared for an over-the-top luxury refit. Why so flashy? Because this one-of-a-kind Airstream was commissioned to serve as a unique entertainment center in the lively, ultramodern city of Dubai.
Dubai is a rich, global city known for its extravagant nightlife. The city has become iconic in regards to its innovative, high-rise architecture, but that is nothing this Airstream can't compete with. One of the most striking features of this renovation is this side door that folds down to create a large lounge area, ideal for warm days.
When standing inside, the abundant lights cast glimmering hues of gold all over you and your surroundings.
This is because the centerpiece to this entertainment hub is this fabulous gold, upholstered cocktail cabinet.
In this Airstream, lighting design is key. After you've had a couple of drinks, you begin to notice the color-changing mood lights throughout the interior. Look up and see ARC Airstream's trademark starry ceiling making the atmosphere even more magical.
No Airstream or bar is complete without comfortable seating.
What's cooler than this worktop with a lava lamp embedded in it?
Another major theme of this Airstream is a reoccurring burka design. Look closely and note symbols of this traditional Islamic garment everywhere, emphasizing that while Dubai might be known for its nightlife and tourism, there is much more to learn about this beautiful city's culture and people.
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