One look inside this trailer, and you'll want to move in, too

Just because the Airstream's shimmering design is a timeless classic doesn't mean the interior design has to be stuck in the year the camper was manufactured. There are endless variations on what an Airstream interior can look like and be used for and with the DIY mindset growing in popularity anyone can exercise their creative and decorative abilities.
This particular vintage Airstream has been transformed into contemporary, riverside retreat available to rent through Airbnb. Located in Mason, Texas, this Airstream sits on a gorgeous lot in the Dos Rios RV Park overlooking the Llano River. If you enjoy swimming, kayaking, fishing as much as you enjoy good design, soft beds, and mobile living then this is the vacation rental for you.
This living room is perfect for enjoying the sunlight without stepping a foot outside. Who can beat curling up on the futon with a good book? The hardwood floors throughout the space are ideal for easy cleanup and the white walls lend a feeling of openness to the small living quarters.
A modern interior seems incomplete without at least one Eames style chair and these transparent versions are nothing short of awesome. After a long day spent on the river, relaxing with the TV on is definitely the way to go.
While this Airstream might be vintage, this kitchen is brand new. Here, you will enjoy all the luxuries of your kitchen at home just at a smaller scale.
This bathroom is so beautiful you won't even think twice about its small size. The best part is, just look at all that counter space.
If you can't stand the thought of using such a tiny bathroom, no worries at all because the separate bathhouse is equally lovely.
Did we mention how great this rental is for families? With these twin bunks, kids will sleep sweet and snug in their very own spaces.
The parents won't be able to get enough of the view from their bed.
In the morning, pack up the fishing gear, head outside, and enjoy it all over again.
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