Try to control your smile when you see the adorable interior of this Shasta 1500

Everyone can enjoy a good vintage trailer restoration, especially when that trailer is as cute as this Shasta 1500 from Cornbread and Beans Quilting. While you might be able to imagine this trailer back in its glory days, this little guy was looking more than a little rough before its renovation. Not only did the owner, Melissa Lussier, have to deal with cosmetic things like ugly carpet and lack of cushions, but she was also looking at extensive water damage.
Despite all that needed to be done, the owner unleashed her creativity and optimism and got to work on her new camper. Melissa found the beauty buried underneath years of neglect and was able to bring this Shasta back to life. See for yourself below, because the results are incredible.
While the interior may look a lot more modern than its previous state, Melissa did an excellent job maintaining that vintage vibe throughout the renovation. The retro look really shines in this dinette booth and the small details such as the iconic starburst clock on the wall.
When many people think of renovation projects, what comes to mind is a lot of destruction, some building, and tons of painting. While all of those things apply to this Shasta, it is the small, decorative objects that really complete this transformation.
It is worth mentioning that Melissa is an avid quilter and in fact handcrafted all of the gorgeous textiles you see throughout the Shasta. This day bed is beyond perfect.
Despite it being a small space, there is always something fun to look at in this trailer.
What do you think? Looks a lot better, doesn't it?
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