7 most impressive park model RVs

What's not to love about a park model RV? You get the option of mobility (without a permit!) paired with the features of a normal-sized home. It's the perfect option for recreational use.
These seven park model RVs are a must see.
1. Avonmore
So what sets a Willerby Holiday Home apart from other park model homes? The company strives to keep its recreational homes eco-friendly.
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2. Park model with old-style charm
We're looking at a cute little granny hut today. This one is in Bradenton, Florida, the home of Sugar Creek Country Club. It sounds very inviting already! The 55-plus community hosts a fair number of amenities that will make anyone eager to retire, including a lovely swimming pool, hot tub and spa.
3. Wildwood Unit 77
West Coast Homes
As the old saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. But in this case, never judge a tiny home strictly by its exterior. Although this park model home by West Coast Homes is simple on the outside, the inside is really exquisite.
Take the tour: Wildwood Unit 77
4. Cape Cod park model
This little Cape Cod classic is a great example of how these homes are supposed to function. From the outside, you already feel welcomed home, and inside you're greeted with full-size furnishings, vaulted ceilings and a stunning kitchen with high-end appliances. This model is the perfect place to relax on holiday.
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5. Park model with striking interior
This 2006 Cavco park model has a level of character that's off the charts. With its rustic exterior dotted with elements of modern Victorian and mid-century design, it's a menagerie of delightful twists and turns with every room you visit.
6. Replica caboose
North Park Homes & Cabins
Check out this absolutely beautiful caboose that has the look and feel of an authentic workman's lounge car from the heyday of railroading.
Take the tour: Replica caboose
7. Gorgeous Fairhaven park model
Wildwood Lakefront Cottages
This model, called the Fairhaven, is most definitely not an ordinary park model. It offers luxury in a very small size.