14+ space-saving accessories every RV must have

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Anyone who owns an RV knows that space is limited, especially if it's holding more than one person. Space-saving measures and products are invaluable in creating more area for storage and allowing you to move around with greater comfort.
Check out these items for organizing and saving space--because every bit of extra room means more space for flashlights and soup cans.
1. Hanging fruit basket
Keep fruit off the counter top to free up space for other things--like the ingredients for s'mores. Manufactured by Home Intuition, the baskets are made of heavy duty wire with plated-steel chains. The chains are removable if you want to separate the baskets. Purchase this here.
2. Spice jar clip strips
To be so small, plastic spice jars can take up a lot of cabinet space. To neatly organize spices so you can see what they are without moving them around like chess pieces, consider Bellemain's clip strips. "We love the organization that these clips brought to our spice cupboard! Easy to install," a reviewer wrote. Purchase this here.
3. PVC pipe
No, these aren't for fixing the plumbing under your RV's sink. Use PVC pipes to hold fishing rods and tent stakes. Cut a variety of lengths to accommodate whatever needs to be held upright, such as a broom. Purchase them here.
4. Over-the-cabinet storage basket
Like your kitchen at home, things quickly accumulate on counters and tables. This storage basket from InterDesign doubles as a trash basket when you add a garbage bag. It hooks inside the cabinet so it's out of the way, which is a big deal when you're trying to maneuver around a galley kitchen. One reviewer advised, "If you are a potential purchaser, you might like to know that there are holes in the top of the parts that hook over the cabinet door, presumably so that you could attach the unit more permanently with small screws if you wish to." Purchase this basket here.
5. Collapsible over-the-sink drainer
No more taking up counter space with a dish drainer or towel. This collapsible dish drainer and tub from Prepworks by Progressive keeps the counter clear. The unit collapses to a 1.5-inch height and is dishwasher safe. One reviewer stated, "I have a single sink in the kitchen so I can't really wash the dishes and 'set' them somewhere to rinse, then dry. I wanted an over-the-sink strainer versus a counter top one. This is PERFECT." Purchase this here.
6. Knife safe
Knives take up a huge amount of space in a traditional utensil holder, but this holder from Camco gets them out of the drawer and hanging flat inside a cabinet door. Purchase it here.
7. Instant pot
If you're not inclined to cook over a campfire, this handy device from Instant Pot handles pressure cooking, steaming, sauteing and slow cooking. It's like an entire stovetop in one appliance. "This is so easy to use, and it's the perfect size for one or two people," one reviewer wrote. Purchase it here.
8. Compact spice rack
If you're not inclined to purchase Bellemain's spice holder strip or you have various sizes and types of jars, YouCopia's freestanding spice bottle organizer is a great alternative. Purchase it here.
9. Broom clip to secure flashlight
Broom-handle clips are good to keep brooms from falling and blocking space, but they're even handier when holding flashlights. Attach Command clips near beds or anywhere someone might need them to navigate the RV in the middle of the night, then clip in appropriate-sized flashlights. Purchase these hooks here.
10. Bedside caddy
Richards Homewares' caddy slides under the mattress to keep the caddy in place. It's large enough to store tissues, books, your phone and more. "This is great for keeping everything handy and your nightstand clear," one reviewer stated, then added this practical recommendation: "I use an old hand towel, folded in half over the flap, then slide the flap between your mattress and box springs. The extra texture and thickness really keep it in place." Purchase this caddy here.
11. Storage bins
Sterilite bins are small and see-through so you know exactly where you put loose gear or extra batteries. Made in the U.S., they come with latches so nothing falls out if the box tips when the RV is in motion. Purchase these bins here.
12. Space-saving nested bowls
This amazing nesting bowl set from Joseph Joseph includes just about everything you need to prepare food on the go. The set contains mixing bowls, measuring cups and a colander in bright, eye-catching colors. One reviewer wrote, "Takes up so much less room than others. I like that the biggest bowl has a rubber rim all the way around the bottom of the bowl so that it does not slip around on the counter when using it." Purchase these bowls here.
13. Paper plate dispenser
Who doesn't love under-the-cabinet attachments? This paper plate dispenser by GSG Home Series holds your disposable plates so you always know where they are and keeps them from taking up room in a cabinet. Purchase this device here.
14. Collapsible lightweight trash can
Oswego's collapsible garbage container can hold a lot of stuff. In this case, its capacity is 30 gallons of trash or recyclables. It folds down to 1 inch, and has handles for carrying ease, so you can keep your RV site clean. Purchase this here.
15. Shampoo dispenser
Declutter your RV's wetbath of unnecessary bottles with Better Living's automatic shampoo dispenser. This gem also has the capacity to hold three other substances, such as lotion and conditioner. Purchase this here.

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