Don't be fooled by the 'Little Guy.' The interior is truly something else

If you love to camp out but just don't love "roughing it" or driving an RV beast on backroads, the Little Guy Max is a sweet alternative. Manufactured by Liberty Outdoors, this lightweight teardrop trailer is made in Somerset, Pennsylvania. The interior height is 6 feet, 7 inches, so if you're on the tall side, you won't have to bend double.
Those purchasing the Little Guy Max have a large variety of body and trim options to choose from. Color combos include a white body with red trim, white with blue trim, silver with silver trim and silver with blue trim. Options and accessories include an all-weather trailer cover, sewer kit and even comfy bedding.
Sometimes a guest comes along who's not a happy camper. Don't worry, Little Guy Max has exclusive entertainment features to keep everyone content. The dining entertainment center includes a 24-inch Furrion HD TV and a popup electronic TV lift. The TV is removable for mounting on the exterior entertainment center. Also inside are DVD, CD, USB, Bluetooth and aux plug-ins; access to AM, FM and weatherband; interior and exterior audio controls and remote control.
To keep it cool in the close confines of a small trailer, Liberty Outdoors manufactures the Litte Guy Max with windows that open wider than traditional RV windows. They're also are tinted for more privacy and will keep you comfortable when it's hot outside.
Like the trailer's interior height, the wetbath is designed to be spacious. It is 6 feet 2 inches tall, and contains a pedal flush, a quiet three-speed fan, and a three-function shower sprayer. The wetbath conserves water at a rate of 2.2 gallons per minute.
Not a fan of cooking in a cast-iron pot over a firepit that took an hour to get going? No worries. This trailer has a kitchen area more luxurious than what some apartments have to offer. The refrigerator is 4 cubic feet, and the 1-cubic-foot microwave has a child-safety lock. The easy-to-clean two-burner stove has a heat resistant safety glass lid.
Comfortably sleep by yourself or with a partner in the trailer's queen-size bed. If you need more sleeping room, the dinette area converts into a single bed.
Liberty Outdoors offers several upgrades to the Little Guy Max, including a solar-powered roof panel, bike carrier and off-road tires and axle riser. So head for the backroads and get close to nature in style and comfort. With Little Guy Max, it's all about the adventure.
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