7+ nifty upgrades RV owners swear by

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1. Solar panel kit
This kit from Renogy is flexible, lightweight and easy to install. One reviewer nailed it: "We glued the flexible solar cell onto the top of our tent trailer and just got back from a week of off the grid camping. The 100 watt unit was more than adequate to keep our battery charged. We used an electric water pump, fan, lights and gas heater with a fan, and never saw our voltage drop over the week. This is an excellently constructed solar cell and performed as advertised." The same product can also be used for boats and roofs. Purchase this here.
2. Wireless RV backup camera
The one from Furrion is easy to install, especially if your RV is already pre-wired for cameras. Check out this review: "I tried it out on a 100 mile round trip. It worked perfectly and never lost the signal. Several reviews complained that the monitor was too small. Granted, it is small, but if it were any larger I believe it could get in the way. I'm in my mid 50s, and I had no problem seeing details." Purchase it here.
3. Upgrade the shower head
Standard RVs typically don't come with shower heads that give you the water pressure you may want. One reviewer wrote, "I installed this shower head yesterday and had to ask myself why I waited so long to replace my old one. Everything about this shower head is great." Purchase it here.
4. Cellphone signal booster
If you're on the road, getting reception is likely a problem you've encountered before. Luckily, weBoost is here to help. As this satisfied customer explained, "Hubby and I are remote workers and travel frequently in our RV. We purchased this about a month ago and have tested in several scenarios to be able to work...We went from 0 or weak cell signal to 3-4, and sometimes 5 bars in areas we have had no signal before. The cellular boost would then boost our AT&T wifi puck and allow us to connect laptops and iPhones/iPads with no problem." Purchase this booster here.
5. Remote temperature and humidity monitor
This is a great upgrade if you have a cabin, RV or second home. Here's a positive review: "I have this unit setup in a Travel Trailer we have a couple hundred miles away from where we live. I have 3 sensors, 1 inside, 1 outside, and 1 in a storage compartment. This allows me to keep an eye on temperatures during the winter. This way, if we have any issues with the furnace, or underside heater, we're made aware of it quickly, as we are only up there a couple times a month." Get this monitor here.
6. Keep your RV cool from the heat and insulated during the winter
Use Reflectix as a cheap way to keep your RV cool in the summer and insulated in the winter. Simply attach the insulation to your RV windows or doors. One reviewer had this comment: "Keeps my 5th wheel insulated for the winter. I use it for the main door and a couple windows, plus the skylight over my shower. Keeps the heat in." Purchase here.
7. Cup holder
Sometimes simple upgrades are those most enjoyed. Easily add an extra cup holder to your RV with this little gadget, which you can purchase here.

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